Aubade, by Sergio Ortiz

by Benjamin Imamovic

I want us to watch
the dawn
while our faces turn
toward each other
and the clothes
we wear burn off
in the newborn light.
You said we should always
be brave.  I try to be
every morning over my toothbrush
and the waning stars.
I stare through your eyes,
your firm heart
beating peaceful rhythms
with determination
and a brush of bells.


Ortiz is a retired educator, poet, painter, and photographer.  He has a B.A. in English literature, and a M.A. in philosophy.  Flutter Press released his debut chapbook, At the Tail End of Dusk, in October of 2009.  Ronin Press released his second chapbook:  topography of a desire, in May of 2010.  Avantacular Press released his first photographic chapbook: The Sugarcane Harvest, May 2010. He is a three time nominee for the 2010 and 2011 Sundress Best of the Web Anthology and a 2010 Pushcart nominee.