night landscapes, by Christina Murphy

by Benjamin Imamovic

night landscapes—the moon’s curved light

chimes in a grey pavilion tell each other

of golden tents and silver wires

            as if memories were watercolors


the sultry heat is laden with stains

of blood grapes and glimmering dew

a jocund dance of momentary rhythm

            darkened by melancholy


in places fit for silence, mad songs fill the air

roaring winds, fallen light, and those who would

have been knights are jeweled with innocence

            and lost to time


Christina Murphy lives and writes in a 100 year-old Arts and Crafts style house along the Ohio River. She continues to be amazed at how the Arts and Crafts movement—like the painter Piet Mondrian– found such artistic integrity (and solace) in straight lines and simple (yet complex) forms. She tries to emulate the same idea in her poetry.